18-22/10/23 Let’s meet at Frankfurt Book Fair

Du 18 au 22 octobre 2023 Foire du livre de Francfort!

Let’s Meet at Frankfurt Book Fair
Come and see us at collective stand of the French-speaking Belgian publishers.
At Courgette Editions, we’re not making cooking books !
So what are you finding in our literary vegetable garden ?
Some U.R.O, Unindentified Reading Objects.
Because at Courgette Editions, we want to highlight voices that we are not used to hearing on Belgian territory, voices that challenge gender stereotypes, voices that chalenge preconceived ideas.
We have, like our logo wich is a nice little round courgette with the little hat up, we have stuffed zucchini and you really have to open it to see the stuffing inside.
These are boeks that also shake up literary genres.
So we have poetry that comes to intertwine in the novels, books that are at the border of genres, which came to give you a slam in the face by the ideas they convey at the social level.
We have an art book that also mixes poetry and more committed content, a calendar with men who stripped naked to fight against sexisme, to give another image of masculinities, but it’s a special calendar with qr code that brings you to a podcast every month wich explains how the model was (de)constructed in relation to the codes of masculinity, and that’s what really makes us inique.
I invite you to discover our catalogue on our website www.courgette-editions.com and to follow us on our socials fb, lk, insta, youtube.
We are waiting for you !
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